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Listing Services for Realtors

Ginger provides professional listings services for other realtors to help them sell their clients homes quickly, and command attention. For a modest fee, you get all the credit.

From writing listing copy that commands attention, to taking top notch photos and videos, Ginger can help you to sell your client's home quickly at top dollar.

Here are some actual examples of how Ginger was able to significantly upgrade listings which resulted in quick sales at Top Dollar:

Before and After - 510 Hallie.jpg

The original photos are very drab, dreary, and unattractive.  Ginger captured the light of the home, timed the photo for the correct time of day, and captured the beauty of the wooden flooring with their excellent sheen.   The result is a listing that POPS and a satisfied home seller and buyer.

This property was in a prime area but was getting sub-prime attention, thanks to dull photos that didn't communicate anything of value to the buyers.   Ginger provided context with a map, drew in the property boundaries which showed many nearby selling features including a tennis court, and provided a photo of the tennis court.  The result is a lot selling for top dollar. 

Frandora before and after Ginger.png
Navarro before after.png

This is a beautiful home that had mediocre photos.  Ginger provided some excellent interior photos and some simple persuasive verbiage.  An Open House promotion sealed the deal. 

Contact Ginger today to let her help you create a listing that will command attention, get top dollar offers, and move inventory. 

For a small fee, you will get a happy seller and a larger commission check sooner!

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