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Ginger is simply the BEST 

Ginger is the best realtor at selling your property quickly for top dollar! 
Her listings and photos are part
 of the reason why.  
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The Results
Before Ginger
After Ginger

Before and After Ginger  -
Home Photos and Listings that Ginger Rescued and Sold

Before Ginger

Here is a picture of a tree, with the house barely visible in the background. 
The picture is fuzzy and out of focus.

After Ginger
Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.16.42 PM.png

Here is Ginger's photo of the beautiful home for sale, which sold quickly at top dollar after Ginger did her magic.

Before Ginger
After Ginger
Before and After - 510 Hallie.jpg

The original photos are very drab, dreary, and unattractive.  Ginger captured the light of the home, timed the photo for the correct time of day, and captured the beauty of the wooden flooring with their excellent sheen.   The result is a listing that POPS and a satisfied home seller and buyer.

This property was in a prime area but was getting sub-prime attention, thanks to dull photos that didn't communicate anything of value to the buyers.   Ginger provided context with a map, drew in the property boundaries which showed many nearby selling features including a tennis court, and provided a photo of the tennis court.  The result is a lot selling for top dollar. 

Before Ginger
After Ginger
Before Ginger
After Ginger
Navarro before after.png

This is a beautiful home that had mediocre photos.  Ginger provided some excellent interior photos and some simple persuasive verbiage. 
An Open House promotion sealed the deal. 

Before Ginger
After Ginger

About Me

Ginger the Realtor


I'm a Houston community member for more than 30 years proud parent, spouse, alumna of University of Houston, and member of Chapelwood United Methodist Church and its choir. I'm active in the community and volunteer frequently, in addition to participating in community leadership and organizing various functions, a gardener, cat lover, an avid arts lover and has performed as a singer and dancer for many years, including at Carnegie Hall.  Beyond a licensed realtor, I've obtained extra education and certifications to provide the highest level service to my clients.

Meet Ginger:
Your Dedicated Real Estate Partner for
Buying or Selling Homes

Ginger assists with buyers and with sellers. 


Ginger works very hard to help her home seller clients sell their home quickly and at top dollar – she provides excellent photos and listings, she conducts actual Open House events, and does whatever it takes to get the house ready to sell at top dollar, including managing the listing, tidying up when needed, providing temporary artwork and decor for staging homes to show, and other details.  She goes the extra mile and takes a lot of time and puts in a lot of effort for her listings.


Ginger is also an accredited home buyers agent.  She is very helpful to home buyers at finding them the right property for their budget and needs, and is very skilled at negotiating the best deals.  She is also very good at helping buyers weave through what can be a stressful and complicated process.

Ginger the Realtor
Welcome from Yolande "Ginger" Howell,

Ginger the Realtor

I work very hard for my clients, and do things that many realtors won't or can't do.  I stage homes personally, conduct Open Houses, FREE professional photographs. I have served the Houston community for more than three decades in many capacities and now serve by guiding you through buying and selling property. I listen to your needs and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

I provide excellent listings for my sellers that get results, with clear copywriting and very good photos and videos.  My photographs are very effective - often much better than "professional" photographers, because I am also a  photographer and videographer. 

Here is an example of an "extra" that Ginger provided for a client - a custom video posted and promoted on social media

Ginger extensively uses social media, and frequently creates custom videos and photo montages for her clients' properties.  She promotes her listings heavily and ensures that her listings command attention with her excellent writing and photography skills.   

Why Choose Us


Why Choose Ginger Howell as Your Realtor

Choose Ginger Howell for your real estate needs because she will work hard and prioritize you.  She provides personalized service, strong negotiation skills, and a proven track record of success. She handles every detail with care, ensuring a stress-free and transparent process. With Ginger, you'll have a dedicated partner focused on achieving your goals.  Ginger is hard working and approaches each home buying and selling situation uniquely  She does whatever it takes to get the home the attention and price that it deserves, including Open Houses, home staging, whatever is needed. 

Ginger cares
about her clients.  
A little birdie says...

Sometimes a nice realtor friend is not who you need to get your home sold at the right price.  If you are not receiving the type of listing and services that you need for your home, then call Ginger today.



Testimonials from clients who counted on Ginger to buy or sell their home

Ginger worked our property as if it were the only one she represented and we couldn't be more pleased. After we moved out of the home and relocated to another state, Ginger staged the property for sale and held weekly open houses until a contract had been signed. We found Ginger to be upbeat, professional and easy to work with. She's apparently pretty good at what she does too as "our" home now belongs to a new owner!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Ms. Howell was very patience with me due to limited time in finding a
house to move into at a good price. I believe we looked at 20 homes. I was under extreme stress, because I had to get out of the house it was being sold. The housing inventory was low at the time because of the Covid-19 virus. Ms. Howell was very Professional and I will certainly use her again in the near future.

average rating is 5 out of 5

We asked for a home in the price range we gave. Within just a few days she produced exactly what we were looking for! This was two years ago and we remain very happy. You can trust her!

average rating is 5 out of 5
Beautiful home photo by Ginger


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